Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect


The product has specifically been developed for all high pressure direct injection diesel engines with common rail or pump injector. This high technology product is designed to meet the exacting standards of latest diesel systems and especially recommended for vehicles with extended service intervals. Suitable for diesel particle filter. Reliably removes even the smallest particles of contamination from the entire system, ensures optimum atomisation and fuel efficiency, guarantees total lubri-cation of the entire system especially in the high pressure fuel pump, eliminates water droplets in the fuel and absorbs harmful moisture.


Application fields

Suitable for all diesel powered engines with either common rail or pump-injector systems. Recommended for engines with turbo, catalytic converter or particle filter.



Can be applied directly into the tank or by means of special cleaning equipment.



375 ml sufficient for up to 80 litres diesel. 1% of the tank volume for larger tanks.


Reaction time

Works during operation.


Packaging units

  375ml 1L 5L  10L 20L 200L 2101 2109 2102 2108 2107 2105