PRO-TEC Bike Engine Flush

Removes operational contaminants and residues throughout the oil and lubrication system.



  • Minimises emissions 
  • High lubrication ability
  • Unique Cleaning Effect 
  • Better engine performance. 
  • Contains no simple Alcohol 
  • Fresh new oil in a clean engine. 
  • Neutralises engine-damaging acids. 
  • Reduction in oil and fuel consumption. 
  • Less wear and tear on the complete system. 
  • Extends the lifetime of the catalytic converter. 
  • Removes residue in the piston ring and upper cylinder area. 
  • Can be disposed of in precisely the same manner as old oil.

PRO-TEC ENGINE FLUSH protects the engine during the cleaning process because of the highly effective lubrication components and can treat upto 4 litres of oil.


Packaging units

200 ml / Art.-No.: 3001