Nano-technology – long-term-protection

After nano technology made deep inroads in industry, it now also enters workshops and private homes. The applications are virtually limitless and the points confirmed by TÜV Thüringen speak for themselves: Easy-to-clean effect, reduced soiling levels, improved vision during rain or snow, resistance to antifreeze and washer fluid, reduced insect adhesion, etc.


NANO seals are globally the Number One address for sealing agents. They protect valuable surfaces and avoid sticking of contaminating substances (self-cleaning action). All seals have been applied to many thousands of surfaces and have demonstrated their excellence under all kinds of environmental conditions such as rain, snow, sunshine and even extreme temperatures.


Clear view even during heavy rain, shining paints, glossy wheels, brilliant bathrooms, water resistant textiles and many other surfaces with “easy to clean - effect” are not a problem anymore.


Each sealing set contains a nano cleaner and a nano sealer specifically for the surface to be treated, plus the required cleaning sponges and polishing cloths, conserver for maintaining the result of treatment, and detailed instructions of use for the proper treatment of surfaces.