Diesel Fuel Stabilizer

Diesel Fuel Stabilizer – Anti-Aging for the Diesel!


Diesel Fuel Stabilizer is a high active product to upgrade the usage requirement of all Diesel Fuels which are stored for some time. Diesel Fuel Stabilizer slows down the oxidation- or rather the degradation process of all Dieselfuels.



Before refuel add Diesel Fuel Stabilizer at the ratio of 1:1000. (1ltr. Product to 1000 ltrs fuel)

Also suitable for all Dieselfuels and Diesel- /Biofuel-mixtures.



  • Prevents the aging of the fuel
  • Perfect lubrication in the whole fuel-system and reduction of accumulation and gumming
  • Binds condensation water and prevent corrosion
  • Optimal atomization of the fuel – because of the reduction of the consumption
  • Reduced the foam generation while refilling the tank



1l / Art.-No.: 1281