Diesel Conditioner & Anti Gel


Highly effective product for improved diesel flow as well as increased power and efficiency for all diesel engines with either common rail or direct injection systems. Ensures diesel is “winter safe” down to -33 °C. Reliably removes even the smallest particles of contamination from the entire system, ensures optimum atomisation and fuel efficiency, guarantees total lubrication of the entire system especially in the high pressure fuel pump, eliminates water droplets in the fuel and absorbs harmful moisture.


Application fields

Suitable for all diesel powered engines. Recommended for engines with turbo, catalytic converter or particle filter.



Product should be applied to the diesel system at temperatures above 0 °C prior to filling up the fuel tank. Make sure to add the product before gelling of the diesel fuel.



375 ml sufficient for up to 80 litres diesel.


Reaction time

Works during operation.


Packaging units

  375ml 5L  10L 20L 200L
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