Air Intake Cleaner Triple X Petrol

PRO-TEC „Triple X" is exclusively developed for application with the PRO-TEC Clear Flow machine and suitable adapters (Adapter S-Form for Otto engines or Adapter Flex-Form for direct injection engines). The product must be used in strict compliance to the instructions of use of the Clear Flow and its adapters.


As a cleaning result, the engine runs smoother. Another result is a noticable reduction of fuel consumption and waste gas reduction.


  • PRO-TEC "Triple X" can be used in all engines e.g. with lambda sensor, cat and direct injection.
  • very effective combination of chemical agents for simple and fast application with the PRO-TEC Clear Flow or the applicator system
  • Even stubborn residues are completely dissolved and removed.
  • highly effective components protect from wear and corossion.


Packaging units

  375ml  5L 10L 20L 200L 1973 1972 1970 1971 1974