E10! Engine Protector for Bio-Ethanol fuels

E10! Fuel Stabilizer


PRO-TEC Stabilizer for biofuels – E10!


The addition of biofuels like E10 can create problems in the engine and the fuel-system. 

  • attack or even corrosion of rubber-, parts and gaskets 
  • bad lubricant characteristics 
  • unsteady engine operations 
  • setting of firm rubber-like components (Polymerization) in the fuel from the combustion system 
  • gravitates to water and humidity (deliquescence)



Our new E10! Fuel Stabilizer prevents rubber-like deposits, varnish and artificial residues.

Condensation and elimination of water in the fuel system guarantees a save engine running.

E10! Fuel Stabilizer has perfect lubricant characteristics to prevent insufficient lubricant of biofuels.

Get an optimal working fuel system and safeguard your engine. 



Add the product approx 1,500-2,000 km (932-1,242 Miles) Dosage: approx 1:200 (375 ml of product each 80 liters of ethanol / fuel mixture)


We recommend:

By the addition of bio-fuel mixtures into the engine oil, it is advisable to carry an intensive cleaning of the engine bay to remove the polymerization and the deposits in the oil and your engine lubrication system. Because of that use Engine Flush with every oil change.


Packaging units

375 ml / Art.-Nr.: 1951