Electronic Spray


For maintenance and care of various electronic machines and devices and even fine mechanical components. Ensures safe function of electronic linkage. Reduces wearing and displaces moisture. Cleans contact points, removers soiling and dissolves old incrustations. Works with preserving effect, prevents leakage current and reduces voltage drop. Is gentle to paintwork, plastic and rubber.


ProTec Electronic Spray undercut and ousted moisture from cables, connections and electric contacts. It forms a thin film and protect electric connections against moisture.

  • Clean contacts, remove contamination and solves old incrustations,
  • work preserving and prevent leakage current,
  • ensure the function of electric connections,
  • reduce wear and ousted moisture,
  • don't attack lacquers, plastics and rubber,
  • reduce fall of voltage.


Application fields

For maintenance and care of electrical equipment and components.



Spray evenly onto the parts to be treated.


Packaging units

400 ml / Art.-No.: 2901