Silicone Spray


This spray is a combination of active substances on silicone basis with outstanding glide and protection qualities. It is free from grease, oil and solvents.


ProTec Silicone Spray:

  • lubircates joint, antenna and bowden cable,
  • prevents freezing of door lock,
  • lubricates hinges, protects against freezing on, sticking or freezing over and maintains plastic and rubber parts,
  • makes Bowden cables, e.g. on motorbikes or guide tracks smooth running,
  • ideal also as a cleaning product for paintwork, chrome and wood and as a separating agent when soldering,
  • 100% silicone content within the lubrication film,
  • permanently temperature resistant up to 200 °C,
  • non-greasing, colourless, free from stains,
  • also suitable of appliances in the food-processing industry
  • avoid direct contact with foods.


Application fields

The product has excellent fast-releasing properties and is perfectly suitable as glide, care and preventing agent for plastic, rubber and metal parts.



Spray economically onto the parts to be treated. Shake well before use.


Packaging units

400 ml / Art.-No.: 2911