Nano Engine protect & seal

High performance technology for the best possible protection of your engine against wear and tear.



Forms a highly efficient Nano anti-friction barrier in the oil. This barrier is created by the especially formulated Nano - clusters with their extreme wear and tear pro- tection properties. Optimizes the operational efficiency of the engine and equipment and is suitable for use in the oil system, automatic and manual gearboxes as well as in transfer boxes and differentials. Keeps O-rings and shaft seals soft and supple. Improved oil flow during cold start, smoother and quieter engine running, increased performance, extended life span of equipment, excel- lent “run dry” properties.


Application fields

For use in all petrol and diesel engines, automatic and manual gearboxes, differentials, etc.



Add to the new oil after every oil change.



375 ml sufficient for up to 5 litres oil. Use in gearboxes
and differentials at a ratio of 1:10.


Reaction time

Works during operation.


Packaging units

  375ml  5L 10L 20L 200L 9201 9202 9108 9207 9205