Oil Booster

Exceeds the standards of the automobile manufacturers!



Oil Booster reduces oil and fuel consumption, reduces friction and wear and protects against rust and corrosion. The product prevents formation of deposits in the oil and lubrication system. Neutralises harmful engine acids, protects against hot silt and also prevents hardening of gaskets. Ensures smoother engine running and improves the viscosity of the oil throughout the complete temperature range. Oil Booster is optimized for usage in vehicles with particle filter, has reduced phosphate contents, uses ash-free ingredients and is free of heavy metals.


Application fields

All petrol and diesel engines, transmissions and differentials.



Add to the new oil after every oil change.



375 ml sufficient for up to 8 litres oil. For larger oil volumes
add 50 ml Oil Booster per 1 litre oil.


Reaction time

Works during operation.


Packaging units

  375ml  1L  5L 10L 25L 200L
 Art.nr. 1301 1309 1302 1308 1303 1305