PRO-TEC MRG Premium / Plus / X

Is an innovative development for the professional cleaning of the oil and lubrication circulation system. In only one working step the used oil is drawn off whereby the complete fuel line system from the tank up to the combustion chambers is effectively cleaned. The complete cleaning process is controlled and monitored by micro processors. Thereby the oil temperature, the oil viscosity, the fine dosage of the cleaning fluid and the complete drawing off of the used oil is controlled.  
The unit can be used for both petrol and diesel engines. Due to the possibility of selecting the electricity supply of either 12 volts or 220 volts it can be used both as portable and as stationary unit.


Packaging units

ECS Premium, Art.-No.:  4011
ECS Premium Plus, Art.-No.: 4012
ECS Premium Plus X, Art.-No. : 4013