Heavy Cutting Compound

Heavy Cutting Compound - Highly abrasive paste for mechanical application to quickly repair heavy weathered painted surfaces, correction of paint defects including deep scratches, effective removal of varnish dust and imperfections of recently repaired paintworks as well as for correction of varnish seams. The product easily removes abrasive paper scratches with a granulation of 1,500.

  • solvent-free (not chemically attacking the skin or surface)
  • removes traces of usage and strong scratches
  • Paintwork-cleaner/ Paintwork-refresher
  • Easy to use, due to innovative water-base formula
  • washes away easily with water
  • followed with the use of our speed Polish and / or anti hologram seal (for dark coatings)
  • Can be applied by hand or buffer


Application scope




Shake well before use! Put Cutting Compound onto the polishing pad (hard) and polish the pre-cleaned surface with a polishing machine at 1000-1500 rotations per minute. The cleaning effect can be adjusted by varying the pressure, the polishing pad or the rotation speed. At the beginning we recommend to apply the product with high pressure at low rotation. In the course of application reduce the pressure and polish at higher speed. Afterwards use a clean micro fiber cloth to polish in the excess product using a circular motion.

Tip: For usage of new pads we recommend to evenly spread the product onto the pad's surface. Swirl marks or holograms can easily be removed using our product “Antihologram”.



sufficient for 2-4 vehicles


Container Sizes