High gloss anti-hologram polish (silicone-oil-free)


This product is a high performance micro-polish for mechanical application for easy and long-lasting removal of swirl marks, holograms or scratches as well as abrasive paper traces with a granulation of 3,000. Suitable for all kinds of paintwork systems. Due to the special product formula with extremely homogeneous abrasives, a brilliant long-lasting high gloss finish is achieved even at dark colours and under extreme light conditions.

The product is highly effective even at minimum dosage amounts and easy to polish without leaving product residues.



Suitable for all kinds of paintworks of vehicles, trucks, motorbikes, boats, caravans and other painted surfaces.



For optimal results we recommend application of this product by a commercially available polishing machine or by a regular rotary sander. For usage of dried or new pads (anthracite-waved) we recommend to evenly spread the product onto the pad’s surface.

At the beginning we recommend to apply the product with medium pressure. In the course of application

reduce the pressure and polish in with “8-shaped” circular motion. Afterwards use a clean micro fiber cloth to polish in the excess product using a circular motion. Finally, to achieve a high gloss finish, polish with our premium “caremaxx Micro Fiber Cloth”.



Do not use at hot surfaces. Do not let the polish dry at the surface. Shake well before use. Rinse the polishing pads properly with warm water after usage.


Packaging units

1 ltr Abrasive Paste/ Art.-No.: 22202