Engine Cleaner CAREMAXX


The product provides a quick and effective method of loosening and removing oil and grease residues in the engine compartment. The engine cleaner is highly efficient but in the event of extreme pollution the aid of a high pressure hose can be of assistance.


Areas of application

In the engine compartment.


Instructions for use

The cleaner is sprayed onto the engine from about 30 cm.and allowed to work for max. 2 min. Extreme pollution can be further treated using a brush or high pressure hose. Rinse the treated area thoroughly with water afterwards.



Use only on a cold engine!

Do not allow to dry!

Keep out of the reach of children!


Consumption per application

5 – 30 ml. according to polution level.


Working time

max. 2 min.


Frost susceptibility



Material Contents

Ionic tensides, water soluble dissolver, complexing agent, positioning agent, colouring agent.


Packaging units

500 ml / Art.-No.: 21047