Premium engine oil 5W-40 Fully-Synthetic


Fully-synthetic engine oil for gasoline and diesel vehicles Synthetic high-tech engine oil for the highest requirements in modern passenger vehicle engines. Due to its high degree of alloy and additives it guarantees an excellent protection against wear, deposits and corrosion.


An oil that saves fuel due to low friction, reduces oil consumption, is extremely temperature stable and guarantees a longer engine lifetime.



ACEA A3/ B4-08; API SN/ CF  


Performance Level

  • VW 502 00/ 505 00 
  •  MB229.3
  • BMW LL 98
  • Renault RN0700/0710
  • Porsche A40
  • Opel GM-LL-B-025
  • PSA B71 2296
  •  Fiat 9.55535-S2

Packaging units

  1L  5L